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I fucking love Brewfest. Seriously. Best goddamned holiday in WoW.

Fuck yea. Seriously.


On the State of Warriors

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Ever since I created Chops, the 39 twink version, I’ve been a huge fan of the warrior style of game play. It’s so incredibly dynamic. For over two years I’ve absolutely adored the class. It requires a level of involvement that many other classes simply don’t. Something about the stance dancing, the aesthetic, the movement of the class just appealed very heavily to me. And it rewards aggressive play, which is simply how I play. God, you should see me try to play a healer. It’s terrible. I just don’t think defensively enough. It’s probably my biggest weakness as an FC. I find myself trying to kill people. But arms… arms was home. And I made it a good home.

Brbbeer is Chops, pre 85/faction swap. Orgasmahowl totally carried me, by the way.

Sadly, that’s changed. Blizz, in an effort to simplify the class (for some reason) as well as tone down it’s burst potential, decided to break stance dancing. There’s simply no need now. Like the different presences of a death knight, each stance is specific to a certain talent tree. Fury gets zerker, arms gets battle and prot gets defensive. There may be occasion to switch out of a dps stance to defensive every now and again. But for the most part, it’s lost. Arms especially just lacks that… panache.

Prot, however, does not. Warbringer provides an element of mobility that, combined with heroic leap and the occasional intervene, breathes much needed life into the warrior class and makes flag carrying especially fun. Add in the ridiculous levels of stuns and other CC and you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a good time. Never a dull moment.

But thats it. The prot tree has always been fun so its not like we gained that. We lost the awesomeness of the arms tree and in a game that sees increasingly homogenized classes, this is a real tragedy. I can’t put my finger on everything that’s changed, but here are some things I know for sure.

1) Intercept and charge need to go back to having separate cooldowns. Not only would this increase viability but it increases fun as well.

2) Stances need to go back to being attractive (even if just momentarily) for every tree. Now, I dont expect prot to want to be in zerker for any reason, but zerker, defensive and battle stances should be conscious choices every moment for DPS warriors. Dancing to zerker to intercept and choosing to stay there for a moment to pop recklessness and maybe get some heroic strike burst should be a choice. Doing this in between Taste for Blood procs should be the mark of a very good warrior. This of course requires the reimplementation of some stance requirements for certain abilities.

3) Give me back 100% player armor ignore for Colossal Smash. Arms is in need of more on demand pvp burst. This would help without having to increase overall damage (thus throwing off lolPvE meters). Honestly, the damage nerf can stand if we could just have this back.

In other words… lets go back a patch or two. Reinvigorate the class. Save us from being regulated to cheese arena comps and flag carrying in rated BGs. I don’t even swap to arms for AB/Gilneas in rated BG’s. It’s just too fucking boring.

Shits about to get real

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1800 bitches. Just cruisin on up there. Pugs, terrible comps, mediocre strategy… and we’re still pulling out wins.

But shit got fucking scary last time. Fucking. Scary. I shit my pants at least twice.

Heavy, coordinated offenses freak me the fuck out because we don’t run any DPS on defense. So basically they just sit there and beat the shit out of me. I blow everything as often as possible, try to CC the fuck out of anyone beating my healers and pray that our offense kills their FC before I go down. Because once their offense gets to me, we can’t clear them.

And thats exactly what happened. These fuckers sat on me for what seemed like ages. They couldn’t kill me because, ya know, fucking pro healers. And they couldn’t kill my healers (see previous statement). But we couldn’t kill them either, though try as I might.

This was probably the toughest time we had on defense so far. I was taking heavy damage for sustained periods of time and it’s truly a testament to the skill of my guilds healers that they were able to keep me up. Look at these healing numbers.

Also, pro damage figures from yours truly.

So yea. We’re hitting that stage where we’re no longer fighting PvE pugs looking for their weekly cap to go with their “the Patient” titles. We’re facing guild teams looking to get competitive. This is where the real fun starts.

If you don't count bunny costumes in randoms.

Arena lulz

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So I played my first arena as a prot warrior. Im not really a stranger to arena, I played some at 39 and I’ve always dicked around a bit since they introduced arena back in Burning Crusade. I’ve never played them seriously though and that didnt exactly change last night. Just did a couple of matches with a guild lock and Fouren. As expected, we lost. Well, we lost our first one. Much to our amusement, we won our second one.

Why amusement? Because I was playing prot, that’s why. Effing useless. Though I did drop a 14K shield slam on an unsuspecting warrior. That’ll teach you to underestimate me!


And yea. Then we went forth and slaughtered randoms so we could further gear said lock. pewpew.

btw, have twitter? so does Chopsthewarrior. Get on it.

My first time

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So we did some quasi serious rated battlegrounds tonight. A total of 9 and we went 6-3. One of those, we teamed with this terribad priest named Yukii. I don’t even know how she manages to be so terrible. She’s got good gear. Shes the spec du jour. She has the right glyphs (speaking of which, I dont. Need to fix that) but good lord this woman manages to die like 20 times a game. She doesn’t do a lick of damage and because she dies a lot, she doesn’t get much healing done either. And she insists on being the offensive healer. Which meant our offense was severely gimped. Which meant the their team didn’t need much defense and could zerg me.

That shit hurts. Thats a lot of damage to tank and boy did I tank it. Again, stellar heals from Fouren, Zolt and Kammie kept me alive much longer than I should have. But in the end, we didnt have DPS on defense and thus couldnt pressure their healers or keep pressure off of ours.

Whatevs. We beat shit up in every CTF style game we played. Dominated. Went 3-0 in all 5 of them. How dominating were we? We even let a PUG rogue cap the last flag in one.

Salt. In the fucking wound.

Then we fucking 5 capped AB. Because bitches, that’s just how we fucking roll.

I beat the shit out of some rats at farm.

And I totes got my first PvP title. My 71 hunter, first toon ever, has the old school Corporal title. But that doesn’t mean shit except I PvP’d a very long time ago. Back when I keyboard turned and picked gear because it matched.

Private Chops sounds dirty.

But then Battle for Gilneas. Ugh. What a fucking map. We lost that shit twice in a row. I’m not familiar with it enough to really know a winning strategy or how we could have improved ours. We certainly werent out played. We were out strategeried. We’re a bunch of fucking 39 twinks. Like we play Battle for Gilneas. Chumps.

[No fucking screenshot. Because who screenshots losses? Not this guy.]

All in all, it was good time. I havent had that much fun since guild v. guild matches in 39 twinks. Im reminded why I loved playing this game and why I love playing my warrior. I can’t wait for everyone to get transferred and leveled and geared so we can stop relying on PUGS to fill out our BG’s.

It’s been a minute

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Its been over a year.

In that time, 39 twinks have died. The new expac had changed the bracket dramatically. Much of the CC finesse and the near perfect damage/health pool ratio was destroyed. Though noone seems to want to openly admit it, 39s essentially became everything we hated about 19s. Mash a few damage buttons and hope for the best. With so much burst, what CC skills remained became an afterthought. We still played but I played less and less and I wasn’t alone in this.

I had leveled another warrior to experience end game content. But I didn’t really have a guild to run it with. I lost interest and just kinda logged on out of habit to say hi to people. I had mediocre gear and was rusty as hell.

Then Fouren. Good old Fouren. He just had to drag me back in. He was pooling a bunch of old 39 talent to run rated battlegrounds with and needed an FC. As I had a warrior and nothing better to do, I transferred to Doomhammer and reluctantly faction swapped to alliance. Geared up in about a week. And here we are.

FC’ing is a very different mindset than I’m used to. Im so used to the Arms warrior mentality (kill the bad guy) that getting into the FC mentality (dont get killed by the bad guy) is a hard switch. Im hyper aggressive when I play and I always have been. Arms favors that mentality and play style. FC? Not so much. Though there is a place for an aggressive FC, especially as a warrior. So it’s just a matter of tempering my knee jerk impulse to charge in and blow shit up (because lolprotdmg) with a different sort of aggressiveness. Aggressive CC to peel people off my healer. Which, by the way, I’m getting pretty good at. It really helps having some pro healers like Fouren, Zolt and some new chick named Kammie (new as in.. not a former 39)

There are some things I need work on but I’ll touch on those in future posts. This was more a “HAI GAIS! IM BACK!”

Like a baaaaaaaaaaws

Brew of the Month Club, Vol. 1

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I’ve decided that a good portion of the posts on this blog will start to revolve around what type of beer I’m drinking while playing WoW. Most readers are no doubt aware that I love me some beer and I can be quite the snob but this will not be a review of the best beers or even my favorite beers. I firmly believe that the right beer for the right situation is better than drinking the best beer available. Sometimes, PBR really is the right choice.

Beer for WoW drinking requires a certain set of features, most important is the vague idea of “drinkability”. Ask any beer critic what this means and you’ll get a series of different answers. Basically, as it applies to WoW, is that the beer go down smooth and quick. This is necessary because you’re going to be taking power sips in between talking in vent and rolling your face across the keyboard. PvP often doesn’t afford many chances to drink or process complex flavors and textures. You need a smooth beer with good flavor.

As well, you’re not going to want a beer thats too strong. The famed Tactical Nuclear Penguin is a fun beer (32%!) but it certainly isn’t a good WoW beer. Why not? Because after one beer, you’re smashed and unable to keep drinking! It must be enjoyed slowly and responsible. WoW players are not patient and this is no time for responsibility. No, you must drink a beer with an average alcohol content so you can pace your drinking. Science tells us that most people operate better with a beer or two in their system (more than that, and you start to degrade) so you’ll want to be able to pace yourself in order to maintain this level of “fun buzz” while still being able to drink quick enough to never let the beer go warm.

Anyway, We’ll start soon enough with the booze talk. Like a Boy Scout, be prepared.